Book Laurie

Booking Laurie

We would like to make your selection as easy as possible when selecting a speaker. If you think Laurie is what you are looking for please send us an email at [email protected]. We will be happy to temporarily hold dates that you are thinking of for your convention until you know for sure. Laurie’s schedule often gets booked months in advance. After you have decided for Laurie to speak at your event we will be sending out a questionnaire, so Laurie is very familiarized with your company and group and can prepare properly. Laurie also requests any video/written material about the company or products. Laurie is one of the best promoters out there and wants to give your company the best edification she can. Laurie will also do pre-conferencing with you and other leaders to make sure she meets all of your expectations.

We also will supply an introduction for your presenter to use for Laurie, also with a list of Audio-visual requirements. We also have available photos to use for promotions for the event if needed. If you would like to record, we will also send over our audio/video recording agreement.

Any questions that may come up please don’t hesitate to ask. Laurie wants to do the best job possible for you and your company and wants to be completely prepared to give your group the best most inspiring informative program ever. Laurie’s goal is not only to teach and inspire but also share the information in an entertaining way so they are laughing out loud. Laurie learned a long time ago when people are having fun they are so much more willing to learn and retain.

Again contact us at [email protected] for more information